Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sandor Vegh, my favorite violinist and conductor, knows

“Where there is more tempo, there is less rhythm; the hectic pace and forced tempo in large cities is contrary to human rhythm which is given by nature and linked to nature.”
Sándor Végh

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

(POMPOY this is mine!..)A Free Online Metronome Away To Seeing The Rhythm Of Life

Everything happens on an exact rhythm, and this free online metronome is what helped me find the exact rhythm of nature, 138 beats per minute. Here's the free online metronome:

1. Set it at 138 beats per minute manually, and then click start.

Here's a neat trick: notice how the rhythm beats exactly on time with your television editing or any videos on the internet or movies, but also nature, you know...

Falling stars will fall on this rhythm, exactly on time with the metronome clicking; lightning strikes; the sound of thunder (or sound of wind etc.); animal movements; dog's bark or cat's meow, filling the silence, on this rhythm. Literally everything happens on this beat. The big bang, I'm sure. You will die on this rhythm. You can now see the hidden dimension or universe.
Imagine what scientific advances we could make because we would see so many things happening in this exact rhythm; we'd know the exact time to everything and would therefore be able to mathematically observe it.

"Reality is merely an illusion; albeit a persistent one."
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"I am convinced, at any rate, that He does not throw dice."

--Albert Einstein

See the illusion. Life is not as chaotic as it appears to be. God does not throw dice.

POMPOY THIS IS MINE!...)(138 Beats Per Minute?

Have you ever noticed a most healing, metabolic effect from just the rhythm of a song or a certain rhythm to something? This is not only the rhythm of our body, but of the world--us, life, and the universe. There is a speed of life...literally. I found this rhythm for the reason above; things are more comfortable, for example. (the actual rhythm, 138 bpm, I found from a free online metronome: Next, I saw that movie and television editing cuts were in this rhythm, Animal's movements or stillnesses are also subjected to this rhythm; a dog's bark or a cat's meow will also, for instance, break the silence right on this cue: so breathing on this rhythm must be the natural way and useful for healing or meditation as well, probably. And, to my delight and expectation, I noticed that lightning, too, appears on this rhythm--again, to fill the silence, as it were, just as the dog barks and cat meows etc. or exhalations. Stars fall on this rhythm. So, I'm sure this could be extremely useful in science: look for the rhythm and you should see mechanisms, or even a giant mechanism. This rhythm, if not only help to science, it can also be a unifier in that we are all part of this rhyhtmWe will die on this rhythm. The big bang happened on this rhythm. If the universe dies, it will die on this rhythm--and that is where I see the infinite. If the world always has a rhythm, death is impossible; if the rhythm lives, the world lives.